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Amazing Race Team Building

More than 8 hours of sitting inside the office, having the same routinary schedule for years, canz make someone dull and inspiring. Amazing Race Challenge is one of the type of our team building challenge that we offer to bring back the fire and make employees get inspire at work, that will bring a new atmosphere inside your working place. A great physical activity that can strengthen the body and mind.

Imagine gathering your team in one location, where they follow clues and complete checkpoint challenges. The goal isn’t just to win the competition; it’s about having fun together in a fast-paced environment. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, these activities promote teamwork and utilize each player’s unique skills and talents. 

Ideal for big groups.
Can be played by 20 pax – 200 pax.
It create a conquering spirit, unleash leadership, improve communication, produce creative mind interms of getting fresh ideas, strategizing, planning and decision making.
We have different outdoor venue themed up to your chosen team building challenge.

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